Structured Wiring


The Advantages of Structured Wiring

SpeedEthernet speed is currently much faster than wireless. If you download and share large files you may want an Ethernet connection to a desktop computer and use wireless for your laptop or other device.

Configurabilty - If you run two cables of each type to each room, you can configure the wires in a number of ways. For example, you can play a DVD in one room and watch it on a TV in another room or share one printer among several computers located throughout your house.

Troubleshooting - Because the cables in a home run configuration all run directly from the SNP to the outlet. It’s easy to isolate problems in a specific wire.

Consistent signal quality - Splicing cables together can lead to loss of signal quality. Running all cable directly from the SNP to the termination points eliminates splices and keeps signal quality strong on each cable.